About us


s a k u new york is a women’s contemporary brand, based in NYC. s a k u showcases garments that seamlessly integrate New York’s chic aesthetics with femininity, adhering to our signature style which we proudly refer to as “Femi-casual.” While being a unique, never-seen-before style, s a k u offers clothes that are ready-to-wear and easily approachable by anyone. s a k u’s creative director Lissa Koo has been working in the field for 12 years and have been awarded as a Golden A’ Design Award Winner for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category in 2015. Golden A’ Design Award is a highly prestigious design competition based in Italy known for being the biggest in the world. Our current stock lists include New York City’s Dreams On Air, COLLAB, Marie and J, Korea’s renowned Galleria Department Store, London’s ThenandNowShop.com and a couple of boutiques in New Jersey.