October 10th 2018 _L'officiel Lithuania_“L'officiel Lithuania"

Date: 10/10/18

Season: FW18

Press: L'officiel Lithuania

Web Address:  https://www.lofficiel.lt/mada/industrinis-jaunimas

@dylanperlot (Followers: 21.6k) _ Instagram

Photographer: Dylan Perlot (@dylanperlot)
PhotographerAssist: Lizzie Steimer (@lizziesteimer)
CreativeDirectors: Dina Vibes (@dinavibes_) Dylan Perlot (@dylanperlot)
Stylist: Dina Vibes (@dinavibes_)
Styling Assistants: Jessica Zuluaga Duque (@jesszuluaga) Julia Vinder (@juliavinder)
Models: Christiane Staten (@chrissycapone) with STATE NY
Diana Carl (@deecarl) with STATE NY
Leo w/ ONE MAN
Gytis Gedvilas (@gystisgedvilas) w/ ONE NY
MAKEUP: Jocelyn Jay (@jocyjayyy)
Carissa Swany (@carissaswan)
HAIRSTYLISTS: Jeorge Pacheco (@hydrohair)
Naura Rey (@theupdo)



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